In February 2020, our main hall „Palladium“ received a very special upgrade. In addition to multifunctional presentation technology you can also expect a high-end sound system and the latest lighting technology.


Our palladium hall is now equipped with a d&b audio system that has been specially calibrated by the manufacturer and optimally set for all requirements. This tailor-made setting ensures a perfect sound - whether for lectures, bands or DJs. The microphones are of course also taken care of, so hand microphones and headsets are available over a total of 6 (max 12) wireless channels. This is all controlled via our Yamaha CL3 mixer.

Video technology

Our multifunctional presentation technology includes main & side projection as well as an analogway video mixer, a hall camera for live images and a preview on stage monitor. A 20,000 AL WUXGA Panasonic projector with a maximum width of 10 m offers the perfect picture for your presentations. The associated interchangeable optics provide the necessary flexibility for a wide variety of stage situations. The 9.700 AL WUXGA Panasonic enables a further presentation, sponsor or live picture option on the side of the stage.

Lighting technology

To create the right effect for your event we have 6 moving lights from AYERTON. 4 profilers and 21 Fresnel spotlights from ELATION are available to illuminate the stage. In addition, 5 SGM LED lights warm our stage in color. Control takes place via our MA 3 on PC Wing.

A digital signage system, consisting of six prominently positioned info screens, gives visitors information.

In addition, all congress and conference guests can use free WiFi throughout the building.

Further basic equipment

  • Free WiFi (100 mbit up / down) throughout the building
  • Latest event technology in the Palladium
  • Announcement system with selective zones
  • Background music in the foyer
  • Digital screens for information, advertising, announcements
  • Floor network and floor sockets in all rooms
  • Fixed projectors and screens in all rooms (K3 Lounge has a Full HD screen)
  • Connections for mobile catering stations
  • Air conditioning individually adjustable

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