Green meetings & events

Sustainability that leaves its mark.

Taking responsibility for the future together!

From the classic congress with up to 500 conference guests to the gala evening - with the state certification, we are setting an example together to assume ecological, economic and social responsibility.Of course we support and accompany you from planning to implementation and certify your event free of charge according to the Austrian eco-label for "Green Meetings" or "Green Events".Our partners and suppliers are also actively involved in the process of organizing events and congresses in a resource-conserving and largely CO2-free manner.

How does it work ?

In eight areas, so-called "must criteria" have to be met. By fulfilling as many “target criteria” as possible, they collect the additional points required for certification. (Depending on the nature of the event, a minimum number of 39-42 points is required).

Our KitzKongress contributes 27 points in the “Event Venue” category.

1. Event venues

      • Event Venue - should already have been awarded as a Green Event location
        We have been a “Green Location” since 2014 and contribute 27 points

2. Accommodation

      • Hotel & Pension - should be certified or informed about the „greening“ of your event
        In Kitzbühel there are hotels with environmental certification.

3. Mobility & Climate protection

      • Suppliers - should be green certified
      • Transport - Request to participants for the use of environmentally friendly transport for arrival and departure
        The K3 KitzKongress is located in the centre of Kitzbühel and is within walking distance of many hotels and side events.

4. Material & waste management

      • Waste separation - ensure that separation is possible on site
        As a green location, we separate our waste very carefully
      • Badges – use reusable badges
      • Printing units - Send invitations and programs electronically, otherwise print on recycled or eco-label paper
        The K3 has 5 monitors on which the event program or other important information can be displayed.
      • Giveaways, bags, etc - choose from environmentally friendly materials, reduce quantities or do without them entirely

5. Decoration, Exhibitors & exhibition stands

      • Contractual obligation – Information and contractual obligation for all exhibitors and exhibition stand builders about environmental standards, the use of reusable materials, reduction of giveaways and print types
      • Natural decorative materials – such as Flower arrangements, plant pots

6. Catering

      • Dishes – no disposable dishes
      • Devices – pay attention to energy efficiency
      • Food & drinks – offer regional if possible, organic or fair trade products
      • Beverage serving – - avoid plastic or Glass bottles, use larger containers (e.g. water jugs, 2-litre packs of juice, ...)
        Our Green-certified caterer offers a variety of regional products and specialties and accompanies you professionally during your event.

7. Communication

      • Information to all partners, participants and employees about the desired green meeting measures and sustainability standards
      • Possibility for participants to give feedback on the Green Meeting measures

8. Responsibility for people and the environment

    • Use regional cultural and natural offers
    • Gender mainstreaming and diversity
    • Supporting social and cultural initiatives

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