The name “Kitzbühel“ not only stands for the highest quality in every regard, but also for world-famous events, traditional Tyrolean accommodation and top-class hotels as well as excellent cuisine.

With about 2,200 beds in the 3-5 star categories, you will find the perfect accommodation for all tastes within 10 minutes of KitzKongress. Quaint guesthouses, comfortable bed & breakfasts, lavish apartments or exclusive 4-5 star hotels – Kitzbühel’s offers are unique.

Accommodation overview:

The entire region of Kitzbühel with its holiday resorts in Reith, Aurach and Jochberg contains about 500 businesses and over 8,900 hotel beds.

We will be happy to enquire about rooms for you and look forward to offering you the perfect accommodation for your event.

Kitzbühel has

Category Quantity Hotels Beds Complete
***** Superior 1 350
***** 4 802
**** Superior 5 810
**** 22 1888
*** 30 1154

Please opt, when possible, for an environmentally certified hotel (Austrian eco-label, European eco-label, EMAS, or others). We have noted this for you in the range of hotels available.
Avail of the environmentally friendly offers provided by your hotel (only changing towels and bed sheets when necessary etc.). Switch off all lights, electronic devices (TV, air conditioning, heating, computer, etc.), when you are leaving your hotel room even for a short time.

KitzKongress partner-hotels

  • Hotel Kitzhof

    Hotel Kitzhof
    Categorie ****S
    Quantity Rooms 168
    Distance KitzKongress 650 m
  • Hotel Arosa

    Hotel Arosa
    Categorie *****
    Quantity Rooms 151
    Distance KitzKongress 1,4 km
  • Schloss Lebenberg

    Schloss Lebenberg
    Categorie ****S
    Quantity Rooms 150
    Distance KitzKongress 1,5 km
  • Hotel Kempinski

    Hotel Kempinski
    Categorie *****S
    Quantity Rooms 156
    Distance KitzKongress 8,3 km
  • Grand Tirolia

    Grand Tirolia
    Categorie *****
    Quantity Rooms 81
    Distance KitzKongress 4,1 km
  • Hotel Kaiserhof

    Hotel Kaiserhof
    Categorie ****S
    Quantity Rooms 73
    Distance KitzKongress 190 m
  • Hotel zur Tenne

    Hotel zur Tenne
    Categorie ****S
    Quantity Rooms 51
    Distance KitzKongress 400 m
  • Hotel Rasmushof

    Hotel Rasmushof
    Categorie ****
    Quantity Rooms 49
    Distance KitzKongress 750 m
  • Sporthotel Reisch

    Sporthotel Reisch
    Categorie ****
    Quantity Rooms 36
    Distance KitzKongress 300 m
  • Gasthof Eggerwirt

    Gasthof Eggerwirt
    Categorie ***S
    Quantity Rooms 37
    Distance KitzKongress 700 m
  • Lisi Family Hotel

    Lisi Family Hotel
    Categorie ****
    Quantity Rooms 78
    Distance KitzKongress 4,4 km
  • Q! Resort

    Q! Resort
    Categorie ****
    Quantity Rooms 77
    Distance KitzKongress 1,3 km
  • Tiefenbrunner

    Categorie ****
    Quantity Rooms 76
    Distance KitzKongress 450 m
  • Harisch Hotels

    Harisch Hotels
    Categorie ***** / ****S
    Quantity Rooms 47 / 88
    Distance KitzKongress 450m / 200m
  • Hotel Bichlhof

    Hotel Bichlhof
    Categorie ****S
    Quantity Rooms 52
    Distance KitzKongress 3,0 km
  • Hotel Erika

    Hotel Erika
    Categorie ****
    Quantity Rooms 48
    Distance KitzKongress 850 m
  • Hotel Bruggerhof

    Hotel Bruggerhof
    Categorie ***
    Quantity Rooms 25
    Distance KitzKongress 3,0 km
  • Hotel Resch

    Hotel Resch
    Categorie ***
    Quantity Rooms 23
    Distance KitzKongress 300 m
  • Kitz Garni

    Kitz Garni
    Categorie ****
    Quantity Rooms 14
    Distance KitzKongress 2,3 km
  • Hotel Pointner

    Hotel Pointner
    Quantity Rooms 32
    Distance KitzKongress 6,5 km
  • Q! Hotel Maria Theresia

    Q! Hotel Maria Theresia
    Categorie ****
    Quantity Rooms 71
    Distance KitzKongress 400 m

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