A 170m² cloakroom with direct access to the underground car park as well as a generous WC area complete the offer of KitzKongress. 3 storage rooms can be used on request.

position & size

position basement floor, direct access to the underground car park
plain Cloakroom 170 m²
height 2,61m
WC area (17 x lady, 8 x gentleman, 1 x handicapped WC) (more WCs at the first floor)
bearing chamber 3 on request


    • 6 mobile cloak racks with 60 hooks each; 4 mobile cloak racks with 90 hooks each (720 hooks in total)
    • power supply in the floor and floor sockets
    • digital signage system, all common formats playable, 1 well-positioned info screen for logo, agenda etc.


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